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Owls of the World Volume 2


The Crested Owl of South America is one of the new owls in Songbird ReMix Owls of the World Volume 2 now available at Hivewire3D.  It also includes the Southern Boobook and Barking Owl from Australia,  the Barred "Hoot" Owl and Northern Hawk-owl from North America, along with the Oriental Bay Owl and Tawny Fish-owl from Asia, Eurasian Scops-owl and many more

Owls of the World Volume 1: How to Get the Free Owls Update

On April 27th, I re-released Songbird ReMix Owls (which I did back in 2010) with a Major Update. If you bought Owls through Hivewire3D, simply reloaded the Owls set from your account page.  Hivewire3D (my current publisher) will honor your Songbird ReMix purchases at DAZ for updates provided you open a Hivewire3D account and provide some form of Proof of Purchase (such as a screen capture of the Songbird ReMix packages you own listed in the DAZ Download Manager or your DAZ account Page). Email Ken with the screen capture and the email your Hivewire3D account is under and he'll get the updated files linked to your Hivewire3D account.

Newsletter re-signup

Important Note:  My newsletter list file became damaged and unuseable.  If you haven't signed up as of April 2015, you'll need to resign-up in order to get the newsletter again.


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Real Birds: Saving the Tricolored Blackbird from extinction

With the support of the Five Dollars/Five Birds campaign, Audubon California is creating new Tricolored Blackbird habitat at Merced National Wildlife Refuge. They’ve planted triticale that may attract nesting Tricolored Blackbirds. Fields are also being prepared to provide alfalfa for foraging next to the wheat that provides nesting habitat. Watch the below video to meet the new Tricolored Blackbird Conservation Program Manager and learn about what she's doing to save this special species.


Bird Cams are Back on


An all-new season of bird cams kicks off on as the Hog Island ospreys return to the nest! The Osprey Cam is back live in Muscongus Bay, Maine as we await the homecoming of the raptors to lay eggs, feed their chicks fresh-caught fish, and teach their brood to soar!

Last year's nest was home to Rachel and Steve and their three osprey chicks: Pia, Pan, and Poole, each of whom successfully fledged out on their own. This year is sure to be filled with more stunning moments as we watch a new osprey family from an intimate perspective. Gather, chat, and share your snapshots of a whole new osprey season.

And be sure to check out the Long-Eared Owl and Great Horned Owl cams. Their nests are streaming live, 24 hours a day. Two Great Horned chicks are already hatched and adorable, and as many as six Long-Eared Owlets are on the way. Don't miss a thing!