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eNewsletter January 2015

Open Rendering Season Contest Announced

Songbird ReMix Open Rendering Season Contest


My annual bird rendering contest will begin accepting entries on February 1st. Hivewire3D is pulling out all the stops this year with attracting more sponsors to give more prizes and starting the contest off now with a sale.  The Judge panel is still being assembled but will include Kimball Garrett (ornithologist and author), Stewart McSherry (of Greenworks/xFrog software), Bob Gino (of the Orlando Art Gallery) and two more judges to be named later.

Songbird ReMix Birds of Prey Volume 3: "Hawks of the New World"  is currently available. The sale for this product ends on January 19th

Content for Birds of Prey Volume IV Announced

I've finalized the content for the final volume in my Birds of Prey opus, "Eagle of the World" and am steadily building textures and species shapes for it.  The volume will be decided into four classifications of Eagles; Fish Eagles, Snake Eagles, Booted Eagles and Harpy or Forest Eagles.  Here's the species line up:

Sea or Fish Eagles

Booted Eagles

Snake Eagles

Harpy or Giant Forest Eagles

Bald Eagle
African Fish-eagle
Pallas's Fish-eagle

Golden Eagle
Greater Spotted Eagle
Martial Eagle
Steppe Eagle
Wedge-tailed Eagle

Philippine Eagle
Short-toed Snake-eagle
Crested Serpent-eagle

Harpy Eagle
Mountain Hawk-eagle
Ornate Hawk-eagle
African Crowned Eagle

I'm guessing that "Eagles of the World" will show up late February in the Hivewire3D store and, of course, the next newsletter will have a preview as well Songbird ReMix Facebook.   This will be my last release for a while as I focus on my Audubon's Birthday Charity Sale releases (more details in March on those releases).

  • Latest Products for Poser & DAZ Studio: (Hivewire3D): Songbird ReMix "Hawks of the New World", Songbird ReMix "Hawks of the Old World" and Songbird ReMix "Kestrels, Hobbys & Falcons".

  • Songbird ReMix Updates:  (Look in Downloads or at Hivewire3D): Songbird ReMix "Kestrels, Hobbys & Falcons" has been updated to be compatible with the Hawk volumes. Refresh the downloads in your Hivewire3D account.

  • Songbird ReMix Freebies:  (Look in Downloads): Female and immature Cooper's and Sharp-shinned Hawks, the female light phase Hawaiian Hawk and the male and female dark phase Hawaiian Hawk for Songbird ReMix "Hawks of the New World"owners. Female versions of the African Goshawk, Black Kite and the Black-shouldered Kite, plus the "Grey Phase" of the Grey Goshawk for Songbird ReMix "Hawks of the Old World" owners. Additional Peregrine species (F.p. brookeri "Maltese Falcon", F.p. ernesti and F.p. macropus "Australian Peregrine") and immature Seychelles Kestrel for Songbird ReMix "Kestrels, Hobbys & Falcons" owners.

  • Upcoming Projects: Songbird ReMix Eagles of the World (late February)

Real Birds: The California Gnatcatcher Dilemma

from Audubon California

Responding a petition submitted this summer from California builders associations, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has opened the process for discussing removing Endangered Species Act protections for the Coastal California Gnatcatcher. Audubon California has joined several other conservation organizations and researchers in denouncing the effort. “The fact that the California Gnatcatcher is a distinct subspecies worthy of protection was established in 1993, and there’s nothing in this latest petition that casts doubt on that determination,” said Brigid McCormack, executive director of Audubon California last June. “The California Gnatcatcher is emblematic of the rich ecology of southern California, an enduring remnant of our wild coast that has been lost to such a great extent.”

The Costal California Gnatcatcher stars on my first "Threatened, Endangered, Extinct" volume and has been on constant attack by developers who place their profit over the extinction of a species.

Coastal California Gnatcatcher

 Other Environmental News...

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