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eNewsletter February 2015

Birds of Prey IV: Eagles of the World Preview

Songbird ReMix Birds of Prey IV: Eagles of the World Preview

Some of the completed eagles (from top, clockwise):  The Golden Eagles, the Bald Eagle, the African Fish-eagle, the Mountain Hawk and Eagle and the Ornate Hawk-eagle.  Eagles of the World will hopefully be out towards the end of February or start of March.

2015 Open Rendering Season Contest

Over $2,800 in Prizes -- Accepting entries until April 1st 2015

My annual bird rendering contest began accepting entries on February 1st. Hivewire3D is pulling out all the stops this year with attracting more sponsors to give more prizes and starting the contest off now with a sale, which ends on February 16th. The judge panel has been assembled and includes the Executive-Director of Audubon California and Vice-President of National Audubon (Brigid McCormack), the director of Ornithological Collections from the Los Angeles County Museum and noted avian author (Kimball Garret), the Chief Executive Officer of Greenworks/xFrog 3D Software (Stewart McSherry), the owner/director of one of the oldest Art Gallery in Los Angeles (Bob Gino), Vice-President of Sales & Marketing for Eagle-Gryphon Games and noted 3D author (Richard Schrand), and a popular singer/songwriter (Kristen Black).

HiveWire 3Dand Ken Gilliland express their gratitude to the companies and individuals who are showing support by co-sponsoring this contest with their willingness to donate prizes. We appreciate all of you very much. Many thanks to: Smith Micro, Filter Forge, Songbird ReMix, Renderosity, Reality 4, Runtime DNA, Salt Lake Comic Con, Virtual World and Blacksmith 3D.

  • Latest Products for Poser & DAZ Studio: (Hivewire3D): Songbird ReMix "Hawks of the New World", Songbird ReMix "Hawks of the Old World" and Songbird ReMix "Kestrels, Hobbys & Falcons".

  • Songbird ReMix Updates:  (Look in Downloads or at Hivewire3D): Songbird ReMix "Kestrels, Hobbys & Falcons" has been updated to be compatible with the Hawk volumes. Refresh the downloads in your Hivewire3D account.

  • Songbird ReMix Freebies:  (Look in Downloads): Female and immature Cooper's and Sharp-shinned Hawks, the female light phase Hawaiian Hawk and the male and female dark phase Hawaiian Hawk for Songbird ReMix "Hawks of the New World"owners. Female versions of the African Goshawk, Black Kite and the Black-shouldered Kite, plus the "Grey Phase" of the Grey Goshawk for Songbird ReMix "Hawks of the Old World" owners. Additional Peregrine species (F.p. brookeri "Maltese Falcon", F.p. ernesti and F.p. macropus "Australian Peregrine") and immature Seychelles Kestrel for Songbird ReMix "Kestrels, Hobbys & Falcons" owners.

  • Upcoming Projects: Songbird ReMix Eagles of the World (late February)

Real Birds: The 2015 Great Backyard Bird Count

from Audubon, Cornell University and Bird Studies Canada

Mark your Calendars!

We love Great Backyard Bird Count participants! Every checklist counts to create a better snapshot of bird populations around the world. We couldn't do it without you. The Great Backyard Bird Count will occur February 13-16.

BirdLog for the GBBC

Thanks to support from Pennington® Wild Bird Food, the BirdLog GBBC app is being offered for free for both iOS and Android smartphone operating systems. Your sightings will be included in the Great Backyard Bird Count if you use the app during the GBBC count period, February 13-16. You can log in with your existing GBBC/eBird account or create a free account if you don't already have one. In celebration of the GBBC, BirdLog for South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa are also free for both iPhone and Android devices through the end of February!

Other Apps to Try

  • Merlin Bird ID – Available free for iPhone and iPad and for Android, this app from the Cornell Lab helps you to identify birds in a new, simple way. Just answer five questions about the bird you saw and Merlin will give you a list of best matches, customized to your location.
  • Audubon Birds Pro –This app provides sounds, pictures, and maps of more than 800 North American bird species. You can purchase this app for iPhone and iPad or Android.


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