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eNewsletter October 2015

Intricate Nightjars slow progress

I had hoped this newsletter would be fanfaring the release of my latest set but I've spent the last month working on complex and tedious patterning on texture maps and refining a new bird model that when I correct or add one thing, 5 issues appear.  Often texture map that look stunning in my 2D painting program, look amazingly awful once applied to the model.  Equally, true is that something roughed-in scribbles in the 2D program, often look fantastic on the model.  Each case is different.  I'd be the last to say a content creator's job is easy and with the specialized content I do, it's at least twice as hard.  I'm still pushing for a Halloween release but I think more realistically it would be mid-November.

Long-tailed Nightjar

Long-tailed Nightjar

Sand-colored Nighthawk

Sand-colored Nighthawk with SSS (Sub-surface Skin Scattering) applied to the feathers

SSS experiments with Songbird Remix

As the image above shows, I've been experimenting with SSS (Sub-surface Skin Scattering).  Earlier attempts I've done proved unsatisfactory, so I shelved the idea.  Recently I decided to give the experimentation another go, and fell upon a very simply process that yielded good results.  I still want to refine it and only have the Poser side working, but wanted to share at least that simple formula for great looking feathers.  Go to the Hivewire Forum Post for details.

Real Birds: 100 Years of Listening to Nature

by Cornell Labs


Cornell Labs of Ornithology have just released a great hardcover book that celebrates the joyful and complex relationship between birds and people. The large format volume weaves together photos by award-winning photographer Gerrit Vyn with essays by Barbara Kingsolver, Jared Diamond, Lyanda Lynn Haupt, Scott Weidensaul, and Cornell Lab of Ornithology director John Fitzpatrick. Itís published by Mountaineers Books and lists for $29.95.

The more than 250 images capture the ineffable beauty, variety, and kaleidoscopic color of birds, while the writers contemplate the meaning and connection that these creatures hold for those of us who stop to look and listen. Vynís lens probes beyond the surface, too, capturing birds in moments that reveal their unique poses, behavioral quirks, and attitudes.

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