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eNewsletter December 2015

Giant Moths Flutter In

I needed some food sources for Nightjars in my renders and one of the primary items on their diets are moths.  To my surprise, there were no 3D moths available. Needless to say, I decided to create some.  I expected to find plain, little gray winged creatures, but again to my surprise, I found winged creatures even more dazzling, more unique and numerous than butterflies.

 There are approximately 160,000 different species of moth. I soon found myself sidetracked from the Nightjar meal quest and creating a set of 4 distinctive "giant" moths with 3 to 6 inch wingspans. The species selected for this initial set are the Luna Moth, the White-lined Sphinx Moth, the Cecropia Silk Moth and the Death's Head Hawkmoth.  I'll also to be including an alternative scaled versions of the moths (that humans can ride) since I believe these will be popular for fantasy renders. All should appear in the Hivewire3D store by the end of the year and under my new "Nature's Wonders" line that will house my non-bird products.

Giant Moths

Customer Appreciation Sale at Hivewire3D

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Real Birds: The Audubon Christmas Bird Count

by Audubon


In 1900, Dr. Frank Chapman proposed a new holiday tradition to help rather than hunt birds. A promising group of conservationists in the forming Audubon movement accepted his challenge. What began with 27 enthusiastic birders and a count of 89 species is now the longest-running citizen science project in the world. Last year marked the 115th year of the Audubon Christmas Bird Count and broke records with 72,653 observers and more than 63 million birds tallied.

This yearís 116th Audubon Christmas Bird Count has begun and will once again gather essential data for shaping our understanding of birds and how we can help them. Fueling conservation work year after year, Christmas Bird Count data has been used as a basis for landmark research such as Audubonís 2014 Birds and Climate Change Report and reports by the EPA and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service which help guide bird conservation efforts. Learn more here about the Audubon Christmas Bird Count or find a count near you!

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