March 2016

Website Make-over, Contest & More!

The SongbirdReMix.com website over the last few weeks has overgone a long needed update, moving from it's outdated html table-based structure to a "Bootstrap" format.  What this means is that the website will be viewable on hand-held devices and display correctly on the majority on web browsers.  Bootstrap uses CSS building blocks that can be rearranged depending on the screen size and shape.  The majority of the website is up and functional although it will be still a while until all the design styling is complete. 

The store and download sections have been merged and completely revised.  When looking for my free downloads or updates you will now go to the store section and the files will be available with the associated product or in the "Freebie" section of the store.  The manuals are also viewable from there, as well as any promotional movies I may have created. There is a direct link to the product via a "BUY" button.  I've added a "Nature's Wonders" section to the website; for now, it's accessible under the Songbird ReMix menu tree.

The 10th Open Rendering Season Contest

For those wondering what happened to my annual bird rendering contest, I initially wasn't planning to have it this year.  There were many reasons that I won't go into but after a meeting with Hivewire3D this week, the contest is back on.  I can't thank Hivewire enough for their support of this contest and my products.  The contest will now open in early May and close towards the end of June with the result being given on July 4th.  The timing makes sense since it will allow entrants to use any newly acquired birds they picked up from my annual Audubon Charity event for the contest.

Songbird ReMix Asia

I am currently working on the first volume of Songbird ReMix Asia.  This volume will span a mix of wading birds and cranes, game birds, parrots, cuckoos, swifts, trogons, kingfishers and bee-eaters.

Originally, I had hoped to have all 3 volumes done by the end of April but I think that's a tall order now. One of the reasons is because I've decided to "modernize" the base CR2 and models used. The modernization will include moving the majority of the controls to the BODY section as my newer model have, enforcing limits, removing most body part scaling, and adding/cleaning up some small geometry issues and morphs. The trick is going to be keeping the compatibility with the older sets. I think the solution will be two-fold; one is to include a legacy settings "cleaner" pose that will return the model to default with the old or newer cr2, and also to keep the older morphs "unhidden" in their various body parts in a "legacy controls" group folder. The CR2 bases that will be modernized first include Songbird, Parrot, Woodpecker, Game bird, Kingfisher and WF4. As always, I will strive to keep compatibility in my product lines and updates are free. If you haven't, please take advantage of Hivewire's product transfer program that will allow you to keep your purchased products current.

Updates and Downloads

  • Free additional Kiwis in Downloads
  • Upcoming Products

  • Songbird ReMix Asia Volumes 1-4
  • Songbird ReMix Hornbills
  • Songbird ReMix Peafowl

  • Real Birds: Happy Birthday to the Wildlife Refuge System

    On March 14, 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt established the first wildlife refuge on Pelican Island in Florida. Created to protect bird species that had been hunted to the brink of extinction, this first refuge led to the National Wildlife Refuge System that now includes over 560 refuges across the country. Though the brown pelican has recovered, Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge continues to protect 14 other threatened and endangered species.

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