April 2016

Audubon's Birthday Sale is here!

My annual Audubon's Birthday Sale will begin on Earth Day (April 22nd) and go until May 2nd.  All products will be at least 35% off, with additional 15% off available through the use of Reward Points.  30% or more of my royalties will be donated to Audubon's endangered Tri-colored Blackbird program and their wildlife refuges.  Over the years, this sale has directly saved thousands of tri-colored blackbird fledlings.  It's a WIN-WIN for customers... you get my birds at up to 50% off and save real birds at the same time.

Unfortunately, this year I will not have a "new" offering because I'm in the process of a massive library update, but my back catalog should offer some great volumes you may not have.  This sale should also offer an opportunity to pick up some new birds for your renders in the 10th Annual Open Rendering Season Contest starting right after the sale.

The 10th Open Rendering Season Contest

For those wondering what happened to my annual bird rendering contest, I initially wasn't planning to have it this year.  There were many reasons that I won't go into but after a meeting with Hivewire3D this week, the contest is back on.  I can't thank Hivewire enough for their support of this contest and my products.  The contest will now open on May 2nd and close at the end of June with the results being given on or by July 4th.  The timing makes sense since it will allow entrants to use any newly acquired birds they picked up from my annual Audubon Charity event for the contest.

Songbird ReMix2016 Major Update and the Asian series

The modernizing of the Songbird ReMix CR2 bases has gone from a simple project to a massive undertaking. Originally, I though I could just update the CR2, add in all the cool new features and transfer all the controls to the BODY and still maintain compatibly. The approach has become problematic with the older library, which loaded the settings directly into the various body parts. The new settings within the BODY, in some cases, end up doubling the settings. It appears that the only real solution is going to be updating the entire package to ensure compatibility. This will also give me the opportunity to update some texture maps and settings. With almost 800 birds supported by these CR2s, it is going to be a massive undertaking and probably take the rest of the year to complete. This approach also means that you will need to transfer any Songbird ReMix products purchased at my former publisher to Hivewire3D to get the updates. If you haven't, please take advantage of Hivewire's product transfer program that will allow you to keep your purchased products current. 

Songbird ReMix Asia which started the need to update these CR2 bases will probably be worked in between updates over the summer.

Updates and Downloads

  • Free additional Kiwis in Downloads
  • Upcoming Products

  • Songbird ReMix Asia Volumes 1-4
  • Songbird ReMix Hornbills
  • Songbird ReMix Peafowl

  • Real Birds: Watch Live As A Wild Condor Grows Up

    For the first time, people who tuned in to the Cornell Lab's live California Condor cam on the morning of April 4 got to see a condor chick hatch! The 22-year-old female condor, #111, and her 7-year-old mate, #509, are raising the chick hatched from a captive-bred egg produced by the California Condor Recovery Program. The pair's own egg disappeared in March, most likely taken by a predator. The nest cave is located at the Hopper Mountain National Wildlife Refuge in Ventura County, California.

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