June 2016

Summer Releases 

"Foraging" by Szark (an entry in the Open Rendering Season contest)

I'm currently working on a couple non-Songbird ReMix sets;  my wing set for the Hivewire Horse and on the Nature's Wonders front, a lizard model that will "remix" to a number of different lizard species. The base model will by patterned after the Fence Lizard, which in common through the US and Mexico.  I'm guessing late June or July for the release dates.

The modernizing of the Songbird ReMix CR2 bases project is going to be a slow process with almost 800 birds to convert and update.  It will take the rest of the year to complete. This approach also means that you will need to transfer any Songbird ReMix products purchased at my former publisher to Hivewire3D to get the updates. If you haven't, please take advantage of Hivewire's product transfer program that will allow you to keep your purchased products current. 

Open Rendering Season Contest Closes June 22nd

The Opening Rendering Season Contest is now in it's final week of accepting entires and will close on June 22nd with the results being given on or by July 4th. This contest, as always, is a thank-you to my customers and gives all a chance to show the best in 3D bird art (and a chance to win some great prizes).

Updates and Downloads

  • Free additional Kiwis in Downloads
  • Upcoming Products

  • Songbird ReMix Asia Volumes 1-4
  • Songbird ReMix Hornbills
  • Songbird ReMix Peafowl

  • Real Birds: Golden-cheeked Warbler Avoids Sure Path to Extinction, Remains Protected

    Reported by the National Audubon Society

    AUSTIN, Tex.—The US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has published its decision to keep the Golden-cheeked Warbler on the endangered species list, ignoring petitions from Texas officials to delist the bird. The decision to ignore the petitions was based on the lack of “substantial scientific or commercial information” to justify a review of this species’ status under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

    “Sound science has won the day and the sanctity of the Endangered Species Act remains intact for now,” said Iliana Peña, director of conservation for Audubon Texas, the state office of the National Audubon Society. “While today’s announcement is good news for the Golden-cheeked Warbler, we are not out of the woods by any measure. A one-two punch of disappearing habitat and climate change still threatens this Texas native, so we must stay focused and keep fighting the good fight.”. READ MORE

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