Acorn Woodpecker

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Common Name: Acorn Woodpecker

Scientific Name: Melanerpes formicivorus

Size: 9 inches (23cm)

Habitat: The Acorn Woodpecker is found from northwestern Oregon, California, the American Southwest, and western Mexico through the Central American highlands and into the northern Andes in Colombia

Status: Least concern. Global Population: 4,000,000 mature individuals. Common within it’s habitat. Although this species holds no special status, there are several threats from habitat loss and degradation, overgrazing, poor regeneration of oaks in California, and destruction of oak and pine forests for timber and development.

Diet: Insects, oak catkins, sap, flower nectar, acorns, nuts and seed.

Breeding: Two to five white eggs are laid in 24-hour intervals. Pairing ranges from monogamy to cooperative polygyny, depending on the colony. Nesting takes place in tree cavities.

Cool Facts: Acorn Woodpeckers are live and store food communally. They store insects in cracks or crevices and nuts in individually drilled holes in living or dead tree graneries. A granary tree may hold as many 50,000 acorns. Research studies have shown that these granaries are so important to the Acorn Woodpeckers survivial that they are the main reasons why acorn woodpeckers live in communally. Only a large group of woodpeckers can collect so many acorns and also defend them against other groups.

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