Amazonian Black Tyrant

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Common Name: Amazonian Black Tyrant
Scientific Name: Knipolegus poecilocerus

Size: 5ΒΌ inches (13.5 cm)

Habitat: South America; Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, and Venezuela. Found in the undergrowth of flooded forests and black-water streams and lakes.

Status: Least Concern. Global population: Unknown.

Diet: Flying Insects. It hunts as most flycatchers do; silently waiting, sallying forth to get its prey and returning to the same perch.

Nesting: Nest building occurs in July. The nest is an untidy ball of moss and grass with a side entrance placed at the fork on a branch, about 3 feet up from a heavy-forested stream.

Cool Facts: Little is known about the Amazonian Black Tyrant. It is similar in appearance to the Riverside Tyrant but smaller. It makes a distinctive low-creaking call that sounds like a frog. It is a solitary bird.

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