Amazonian Umbrellabird

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image: umbrellabird.jpg

Common Name: Amazonian Umbrellabird
Scientific Name: Cephalopterus ornatus

Size: Males: 17¼ - 19 inches (45-48 cm); Females 15 - 16½ inches (38-42 cm)

Habitat: South America; Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Suriname, and Venezuela. This species prefers to live along rivers. However, near the edge of the Andes mountains, it lives in the forest at elevations up to 4,300 feet

Status: Least Concern. Global population: Unknown.

Diet: Fruit and berries, but will eat insects, spiders, and insect larvae when fruit is not available.

Nesting: Males form leks which are spread far apart. The female builds a loose nest of twigs high in a tree and raises a single chick

Cool Facts: These birds get their name from their most impressive physical feature; the tall crest of hair-like feathers with white shafts that stands up over its head like an umbrella. The Latin scientific name roughly means "fancy head." This bird also has a long wattle of feathers that hangs down from its throat to its belly. Amazonian umbrellabirds are known for their loud, carrying voice. Their song is preformed with a bowing display and a deep, hollow booming “ooooooooooo” similar to the sound of blowing across the top of a bottle. These birds are heard more often than they are seen.

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