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Songbird ReMix General Topics

What do I need to upgrade or get to use Songbird Remix or the add-on packages?

You'll need:

Add-on Packages requiring the Songbird Model:

Stand-Alone Packages: (meaning they don't require the base Songbird Remix Model).

The Songbird ReMix "2" Confusion

The Songbird ReMix 2 Package and the Songbird Remix 2.CR2

I made a mistake in the naming of the Songbird ReMix "2" package... most everyone thought it was an upgrade when in fact in was a package signaling revisions on the series using the new morphs, conforming crests and improved texture maps. "2" was short for it's true title, "Second Edition", on hind sight I should have called it "New beginning" or something like that. Immediately after the release of SBRM2, I put together service releases for all the other packages including the revisions found in the SBRM2's cr2.

So let me say this plainly again, Songbird ReMix 2 is not an upgrade to Songbird ReMix 1.

So if SBRM2 isn't an upgrade, what is it? Think of it as an add-on pack showing the diversity in the model since you can create everything from hummingbirds to pigeons to cockatoos with it.

The latest CR2 can be found the Songbird ReMix Downloads

I'm having troubles with the Conforming Crests in Poser?

Well, if you're like me, you don't read those readmes and other documentation when the DAZ installer asks if you want to read them. They then get buried some where in the Poser Runtime and are soon forgotten. There's a PDF file you'll find incredibly useful; the Manual and Field Guide. Now I know I roll my eyes at manuals but you'll find the Field Guide part of the manual pretty cool-- there's all sorts of information about the birds featured in the package like habitat, status, nesting habits and cool facts. If you can't find the PDF, go to [| Songbird ReMix Downloads]; copies of all the manuals are there.

The texture and transparency maps don't seem to line up right

One of the most common problem emails I received is that the texture maps don't seem to work. 99% of the time this is because the user is trying to use the Songbird model with the Songbird ReMix maps. These are NOT compatible. You need to use the Songbird ReMix model with the Songbird ReMix maps. Why...? See below.

Will the Original Songbird Maps work with Songbird ReMix?

No. while close to the SBRM maps they need to be adjusted to match the SBRM Templates. There are no plans to revise the Songbird maps to Songbird ReMix format and visa versa.

Will Songbird ReMix work with Mimic?

There's a Mimic configuration (DMC) file for SBRM in Songbird ReMix Downloads . How good does Mimic work with a bird? Click here for a demo movie (Flash8 format)

Ken's take on Songbird ReMix Vs. other artist's bird models

Many people have asked me what I think of other artists creating birds or textures for my Songbird ReMix series. That's easy question... the more birds out there, the better for the users (more choices), and the more visibility and respect birds will get. It's probably clear to most that I do the birds I want to do. I don't really look at market trends-- if I did, I'd be creating skimpy clothes for the Victoria and Stephanie models. In some cases at my chosen vender, DAZ3D, I have overlapped some bird species found in other artist's product list (Blue Tit, Raven, Pigeon, etc) and, in some cases, they have overlapped my library. If I create an overlap, it's just simply I wanted them in Songbird ReMix format.

Expansion Plans

I've had numerous requests for all sort of birds around the world. While I try to try each request seriously, there's only so much I can do. Many times a number of requests end up in a Regional and theme volume. I eventually plan to cover select species of the entire bird world with Songbird ReMix or SBRM hybrid models.

Morph Questions

  • What does the "MirrorStretch" morph do in the conforming crest models? MirrorStretch: Mirrors the “Stretch” Action morph found in the model Head's section.

DAZ|Studio Use

How to use SBRM in DAZ|Studio

There are two ways you can use Songbird ReMix with DAZ|Studio. One is very easy and the other, exceptionally difficult.

  • The Easy Way: Make sure you have the Native DAZ|Studio versions installed. If you don't, and have the imported Poser Versions, reset your downloads at DAZ and get the native DAZ|Studio version.
  • The Difficult Way: Use the Poser imported version. With this way, you'll have to apply conforming crests and tails, materials, correct feet scaling and other issues DS doesn't import improperly from the Poser version.
    • Running from the Imported Poser Version.
      • Use SBRM as you would any POSER content.
      • Load from Runtime:Figures Base Bird Model.
      • Apply the appropriate MAT/MOR file in the Runtime:Poses:SBRM PP-P6 folder to Base Bird Model.
      • Open the DAZ|Studio:Content folder and select the SBRM2 folder inside the SBRM folder, then apply the appropriate Materials.
      • See Conforming Crest Problems with DS below if using crests.
  • Conforming Crests Problems. Getting the DAZ version of any SBRM products now correct these problems. Conforming parts( with the exception of a few Woodpeckers) use the "FIT TO" command in DAZ|Studio. May sure the conforming item is scaled to 100% before using this command.

Another word of caution, DAZ Studio isn't quite as forgiving on User error as Poser is. If you apply the wrong MAT/MOR file to the conforming crest, it wipes out it's original positioning on the head. You'll have to manually reposition the crest correctly on the head or, BETTER, delete and reload the conforming crest and apply the correct MAT/MOR file.

  • The Ivory-bill and Pileated Woodpeckers have issues with DAZ|Studio regarding the Conforming Crests. This is because D|S automatically resizes the Crest and also applies the additional MOR sizing commands when the “FIT TO” command is used. Here’s the work around process for this:
    • Load from Runtime:Figures the Conforming Crest and Base Bird Model.
    • Apply the appropriate MAT/MOR file in the Runtime:Poses:SBRM PP-P6 folder to Conforming Crest and Base Bird Model. Don’t use “FIT TO”
    • Open the DAZ|Studio:Content folder and select the SBRM2 folder inside the SBRM folder, then apply the appropriate Materials.
    • In the Scene tab, move the entire Conforming Crest to the HEAD section of the Bird Base Model. This parents the Crest to the Head of the Bird Base.

Feet Scaling Issues with imported Poser Version

  • Most versions of DAZ|Studio have problems with the Propagating Scale of the Feet in Songbird ReMix. Unfortunately, the only current solution is to manually scale all the digits on each foot. To determine if manual scaling is needed, look at the SCALE settings on rFoot or lFoot parts in DAZ|Studio. If the amount is more than 100%, then all the digits (rPinky1, rPinky2, rMid1, etc.) will need to be scaled accordingly. As this is a known bug in DAZ|Studio that will hopefully get corrected in a forth-coming release/patch. The easy way to correct the scaling issues is to use the "Scale Feet" pose commands in the Songbird ReMix Native DS versions otherwise use the Scaling Tool

Using the Latest CR2 in DAZ Studio.

  • While the premade DS birds are great, there are issues when wanting to take advantage of the latest master CR2. Unlike Poser, all the joint parameters and morphs are hard coded to the preassembled bird. Thus to take advantage of the latest CR2, it needs to be rebuilt from a Poser import of using the latest CR2 and PZ2 files. Native DS version will be periodically updated in the Download section.


How to Remove the Black Triangles in Renders

  • Download the latest Songbird ReMix CR2 (Version 2.7 or above)

Square Shadows

Small birds may render with a SQUARE shadow. This is a bug in Poser. Poser can’t figure out how to render a shadow for something really small, so it creates a square shadow. The solution is to put a larger item that casts a normal Poser shadow in the scene (even if it is off camera) and the square shadows will be fixed.

Vue, Bryce & Other 3D App Use

When importing Poser 6 content, the morphs are not coming in correctly.

  • In Poser, switch off External Binary Morph Target support on the Misc tab of the General Preferences dialog (CTRL/CMD+K) before saving your PZ3/PZZ for import into Vue.

There are weird artifacts/triangles showing up near the bird in my renders.

  • Those are probably the invisible wing and beak controller guides labeled as RForeArm, RHand, RFeather, LForearm, LHand, LFeather and Beak. In Vue's Material Editor either make them invisible again by turning transparency to 100% or delete them.

Textures on the Wings or fluff feathers in Vue aren't rendering correctly

  • Vue has trouble with back-facing polygons which tend to show-up in certain wing poses. The easiest and fast solution is to limit the amount of bending in the Forearm, Hand and Feather controllers. The better (but much slower solution) is to in “Polygon Mesh Options”, bake the model. You might also click “Force double-sided baking” as well as playing with the Max smoothing angle and checking Dynamic Subdivison. Put Quality boost into the as +2, +3 or even +4 AREA. Also playing with the "Smooth Angle" can help. Then bake it—“baking” will take hours on most computers.

The eye texture is missing or white

  • The eyes are probably too reflective and are using a reflection map. Reflective properties differ between programs. The “Eye” material uses a Poser reflection map; since Vue has a built-in environment, it’s better to use the Vue one and cut down the reflection to 20-50% depending on light in the scene.
    • Select the imported bird model from the Layer it’s loaded in – usually it’s called “BODY”
    • The Material editor Section should say “BODY” and have a “ 1 of 15” materials with a down arrow and two left/right page arrows, Select the DOWN arrow and the EYES material.
    • Double the material icon to open the EYES material.
    • Click the “Reflections” tab. Uncheck the “Use reflection map” box—this turns off the Poser reflection Map.
    • Turn “Global reflectivity” down to 25%

The Bird is too shiny

  • Vue reads Poser highlight settings differently than Poser reads them. You'll find often Vue reads the opposite of what Poser would do what highlights, thus materials such as plummage, bodyfeathers, wings, legs read in the 80-90 range when they should be in the 30-40 range. I also turned down the Highlights on Plumage, PlumageNH, Beak and WingFeathers and TailFeathers to Highland Global intensity 45% and Highlight Global size 30%.

Carrara Use

Weird Hip bumps and messed up feet

  • Carrara (and DAZ Studio for that matter) do not read Poser scaling correctly. The original Songbird Remix CR2 was re-engineered to work with DAZ Studio as a separate version but unfortunately Carrara can't read DAZ Studio files (that feature is broken). So how do we fix the Songbird ReMix model to work with Carrara? By downloading my Carrara patch kit of course!
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