Golden-mantled Racquet-tail

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image: gmracquet-tail.jpg

Common Name: Golden-mantled Racquet-tail Parrot
Scientific Name: Prioniturus platurus

Size: 11 inches (28cm)

Habitat: Asia; Celebes, Togian, Lembeh Islands, Siao Island, Peleng Island, Banggai Island, Muna and Buton Island, Indonesia. Found in forested areas, montane forest and occasionally open areas with forest remnants at 2,000 m (6,600 ft); visits cultivated areas and mango trees near villages.

Status: Least Concern. Global Population: unknown. Population decreasing due to deforestation; only common in localities.

Diet: Fruits (especially mango), seeds and flowers. It is claimed that it forages in maize-fields at night causing damage to crops.

Breeding: Breeding season probably from October; nests in holes in dead branches or trees.

Cool Facts: Mostly seen flying high in groups of 5 to 10 birds. Very noisy and conspicuous in flight. It has a penetrating “keli-keli” call or sharp “kak kak”.

It is well camouflaged by plumage in foliage and difficult to detect. Often heard rather than seen. If disturbed there they remain motionless and silent and if danger persists they will then suddenly fly up and away screeching loudly. Groups often fly great distances to find fruit trees. Its flight appears deliberate, swift and powerful.

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