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Common Name: Jacky-winter
Scientific Name: Microeca fascinans

Size: 4 ¾ - 5 ½ inches (12-14 cm)

Habitat: Australia; found in Australia and Papua New Guinea. Its natural habitats are open woodland with an open shrub layer and a lot of bare ground. They are often seen in farmland and parks.

Status: Least Concern to threatened. Global population: unknown. Numbers have declined substantially in some areas, particularly in the south, from clearing for farming or housing. Jacky-winters can be quite tame and familiar in some areas.

Diet: Flying insects; darting out from a perch to snatch flying insects, returning to the same perch again. They dive and twist in the air, hovering and grabbing at insects.

Nesting: During breeding, the Jacky-winter sings constantly and has high, slow song-flights. The cup-shaped nest is very small and made from grass and strips of bark, bound with spider’s web on the fork of a dead branch. The female incubates the eggs. The brood are fed by the male. They may raise several broods in a season. Their nest is always in an exposed position, clear of leaves.

Cool Facts: It is also colloquially known as “Post sitter” for its habit of sitting on posts in paddocks and farms. It was previously known as the Brown Flycatcher but is more closely related to crows than to true flycatchers.

Found in Songbird ReMix Australia Volume II

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