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This section of wiki covers rendering tips and issues that some rendering engines have with the Songbird ReMix Bird Models.

ISSUE: The blocky artifacts on wing and tail feathers...

These artifacts are cause by rendering systems that use raytracing. The Songbird ReMix feather are very, very thin polygon rectangles. The combination of raytracing and the bending of the feathers often cause blocky artifacts to appear on the feathers.

SOLUTION: When in doubt, subdivide..

Subdivision solves 95% of all the issues with the blocky artifacts.

  • DAZ Studio and Iray rendering... The easiest way to resolve the blocky artifacts is to select the model in the "SCENE" Tab and click on the properties box (near the top of tab just outside it). Click "Edit", then "Geometry" and then "Convert to SubD...". Next, go into the "PARAMETERS" tab of the BODY (Root) section of the model and select "Mesh Resolution". "Resolution Level" should be set to "High Resolution" and "Render SubD Level (Minimum)" should be set to "1" (or higher).
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