Small Button Quail

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image: smbuttonquail.jpg

Common Name: Small Buttonquail
Scientific Name: Turnix sylvatica

Size: 7 inches (18cm)

Habitat: Eurasia and Africa; Southern Spain and Africa through India and tropical Asia to Indonesia. Found in warm grasslands or or scrub jungle.

Status: Least Concern. Global Population: Unknown.

Diet: Feeds on the ground, eating insects and seeds. As pets, they are very fond of mealworms.

Breeding: The female initiates courtship and builds the ground nest. The male incubates the normally four speckled greyish eggs, and tends the young, which can run as soon as they are hatched.

Cool Facts: While Buttonquail resemble and carry the Quail name, they are not related to true Quail. They, in fact, are part of the (Charadriiformes) shorebird family .

They prefer to run and avoid flying. The female calls with a deep hoom-hoom-hoom and the male replies kek-kek-kek.

As companion pets, Buttonquail are neat and relatively quiet. They are very active, always searching for seed and whatever else they can find. Some people use Buttonquail as a way to keep the bottoms of their aviaries clear of spilled seed. They can become very tame if raised by hand.

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