White-headed Woodpecker

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image: whiteheadedwoodpecker.jpg

Common Name: White-headed Woodpecker

Scientific Name: Picoides albolarvatus

Size: 8-9 inches (21-23cm)

Habitat: The Pacific Northwest in conifer forests.

Status: Least concern. Global Population: 70,000 mature individuals. Population numbers are stable, however there is concern about it’s future because of timer harvesting and development pressures. Audubon “Endangered” List.

Diet: Pine Nuts and some insects.

Breeding: Four to five white eggs are laid. Nesting takes place in tree cavities.

Cool Facts: The White-headed woodpecker is the only white headed/ black-bodied woodpecker in North America. It’s primarily food source are pine nuts. It chips away at the unopened living pinecones to get at the nuts. It clings to the sides or the bottom of the cone to avoid the sticky sap. Once it gets the pine nut, it will wedge the nut into a crevice and hammer away at the shell to get at the nutmeat.

Both male and females incubate the eggs with the mate doing the nighttime duties. The pair is very attentive to each other during nesting and often communicate through softly drumming to each other in and out of the nest.

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