Welcome to Emperor Ken's World
  • STORE: A place to get my Songbird Art on T-Shirts, Coffee Cups and Pillows. Plus, I create and sell 3D Models for use with Poser, DAZ Studio, Bryce, Vue and other 3D art programs.
  • GALLERIES:  Yes, I do do art, and there's a lot of it here-- from oil painting to  photography to digital art and animation. There's even some midi and MP3 music!
  • SONGBIRD REMIX: All about real and 3D digital birds.  Includes free downloads, tutorials and tips for Songbird ReMix Users.
  • SONGBIRD REMIX BIRD LIBRARY: If you're interested in birds, my bird wiki has hundreds of species plates with lots of information (size, habitat, breeding habitats) of birds across the globe
  • QUAIL HOLLOW: Our home; featuring avian photos and information, the environment concerns, Californian native plants and wildflowers and some cool wallpapers.
  • CONDOR CLAN:  My World of Tanks (game) Clan.  News for clanmates plus playing tips and resources.
  • TI-99/4A and NOTUNG SOFTWARE:  All about Ken's early computing days and how he got to be in the TI-99 Hall of Fame
  • ABOUT KEN: Probably more than you want to know about Emperor Ken is here... Resumes, a biography, the awards  and newspaper articles
  • FUN STUFF: Includes everything else; my favorite web links, an addictive game, my story behind my TI-99/4a days, KBGB and all the downloads in one place and other stuff
Latest News

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04MAR15- Songbird ReMix Birds of Prey Volume 4 Eagles of the World has been released

Quote of the Month

“Our crude civilization engenders a multitude of wants, and law-givers are ever at their wits' end devising. The hall and the theater and the church have been invented, and compulsory education. Why not add compulsory recreation? ... Our forefathers forged chains of duty and habit, which bind us notwithstanding our boasted freedom, and we ourselves in desperation add link to link, groaning and making medicinal laws for relief. Yet few think of pure rest or of the healing power of Nature."

-John Muir