Frogs Leap into Spring

The next Nature's Wonders set is just around the corner and will debut at my annual Audubon's Birthday Sale. The base set will come with the model, 10 poses, plus an animation and two species of Frog; the California Red-legged Frog and the European Common Frog, with two color variations for each. See the frog leap into action.

Depending on their popularity, there are at least 8 volumes planned, ranging from Tree Frogs to Toads to Bull Frogs. The first volume of "Frogs of the World" will have Leopard Frogs and the second will be a full volume of Poison Dart Frogs.

About Nature's Wonders

The Nature's Wonders product line houses my non-Songbird ReMix Flora and Fauna 3D models. These products range from natural environments to specific plant species as well as insects, amphibians, lizards, snakes and eventually mammals.

The Next Nature's Wonder

I'm back in bird-creation mode right now, so there's a gap in the next non-bird flora and fauna model but here's part of my projective product list:

  • Environments:
    • Duck Pond overhaul (Model revisions, plus 3delight, iray, firefly and superfly settings)
    • Water Lily Garden Overhaul  (Higher resolution textures plus 3delight, iray, firefly and superfly settings)
  • Flora:
    • Salvias (White Sage, Black Sage, Purple Sage)
    • Festucas and Sedges (bunch grasses)
  • Fauna:
    • Catepillars
    • Damselflies & Dragonflies