Ken Gilliland - Fine and Commercial Art Biography

B.A. in Fine Art, 1978 to 1983, California State University, Northridge     
Non-degreed study in Art, 1977 to 1977, Art Center College of Design

Work featured in Film and Television:
"Roswell", Paramount Television, 2001
"The Parlor", Short Film, Geoffrey Haley (Director)

Work featured in Print: 
"3D World Magazine", Revelation Publishing, (Digital images), November 2000 Issue.
"Poser 4 Pro FX and Design", by Richard Schrand, (Digital images & animation used), The Coriolis Group, AZ, 2001.
"Digital Fantasy Painting", by Michael Burns, (Digital images & tutorial used), Ilex Press, UK, 2002.
"The Poser 5 Handbook", by Shamms Mortier, (Digital images & “Master Class” chapter used), Charles River Media, MA 2002.
"Femme Digitale", by Michael Burns, (Digital images & tutorial used), Ilex Press, UK, 2003.
"Carolina Parakeet",by Carole Boston Weatherford (imagery used), Avian Publications, MN 2005

Work featured in Institutions and Programs:
Omaha Reads: To Kill a Mockingbird (2006)
Field Musueum, Chicago, IL "Hall of Birds" (2012)
National Wildlife Research Center of Saudi Arabia (2013)

Solo Shows:
Gorky’s Café, Los Angeles, CA  1988 (paintings)
Orlando Gallery, Sherman Oaks, CA 1995 (paintings)
Orlando Gallery, Tarzana, CA  2001  (photography & digital art)
Orlando Gallery, Tarzana, CA  2003  (photography)

Cataloged Shows:
California State University, Northridge, CA  1999  (paintings)

Group Shows:
Sharing Friends of the Arts Group Show, Hollywood, CA   1987
Orlando Gallery, Sherman Oaks, CA 1993-present
Theodore Payne Foundation Fall Festival Art Exhibit, 2002
"Snap to Grid", Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts, 2005, 2007, 2008

3D Café Platinum Award (Multiple Winner)
DAZ 3D Hall of Fame Gallery (Multiple Images)
Renderosity's Staff's Pick of the Week (Multiple Images)
E-on Software's Image of the Day (Multiple Images)
Art Center College of Design, Summer Scholarship
Southern California Women’s Club Art Award
California State Scholarship 

Sy Rosen (“Rainbow Sherbert"; Oil on Canvas, Private Collection)
Ellen Fogel (“Incommunicado”; Oil on Canvas, Private Collection)

Photography of Native Plants:
Cambridge Press
New York Times
Los Angeles Times
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Metropolitan Water District of California
Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District
Santa Barbara County Education Office
US Forestry Service
City of Pasadena (Washington Park project)
City of Las Vegas
City of San Diego (San Diego River Project)
Oxford University Museum of Natural History
Kern-Kaweah Chapter of the Sierra Club
San Gabriel Mountains Chapter of CNPS
San Diego Chapter of CNPS
Whole Earth Development Corporation (Native Plant Restoration in Simi Valley)
Sunshine Seed Company
Plantopia Nursery