Awards, Honors and Everything Else...

Major Awards...

Site Awards...

  • Digital Paint's "Collective" Award for Outstanding Body of Work (July 2001)

In Print...

  • "Kristen Black", CD Jacket art and design
  • "Postcards from Avalon", CD Jacket art and design
  • "The Healing", CD Jacket art and design
  • "Femme Digitale" by Michael Burns, ILEX Press. Waiting, Waiting (70's retro) and Femme Digitalewith "How to..." articles.
  • "The Poser 5 Handbook" by Shamms Mortier, Charles River Media.  Entire Chapter ("#19: The Art of Composition" with text and illustrations) "Prairie Dog Serenade"
  • "Digital Fantasy Painting" by Michael Burns, ILEX Press.  The Summoner and The Hawkriders with "How to..." articles.
  • "Poser Pro Pack FX and Design" by Richard Schrand, Coriolis Group 2001. Wildflowers (on Cover) and Wildflowers DV, Hippos in Denial and Turkey Day.
  • "Renderosity Interactive Magazine" (Winter 2004 Issue).
  • "3D World Magazine", Revelation Publishing, (November 2000 Issue). Wildflowers and Allison Gulch.

On Film...

  • "The Parlor" (2001, USA, 15min, 35mm) Geoffrey Hasley, director. Winner of the LA Times AFI "Audience Award" and Sundance Film Festival Shorts Honorable Mention. Set Decoration: On the Savannah, The Party Crashers, Turkey Day, Wildflowers and Graveyard Digs
  • "Roswell" (Paramount Studios Television). March 2001 epsiodes. Set Decoration (Alex's Room): On the Savannah and The Party Crashers.


  • BBay Image Competitons. Rush Hour (3rd place) and Wildflowers II (2nd place)
  • Renderosity Halloween Image Contest 2000.The Party Crashers (finalist)
  • Ripple Effect's Halloween Image Contest 2000. Graveyard Digs (2nd Place)

Individual Image Awards...

  • 3D Cafe's Platinum Award. Tujunga Wash and April Showers
  • Daz3D 2001 Screensaver. Boys will be Boys
  • Daz3D Showcase Gallery.A Travel Through Life "Hoping", Town Square and 'Akipola'au at Hakalau
  • Daz3D Spotlight. A Travel Through Life "Hoping", Town Square, 'Akipola'au at Hakalau, Covey at Daybreak, Downey Pair, Wrong Limb, Queen of the Perch, Feeding the Young, Nuts. Fighting Banaquits
  • Digital Artworks Award. Allison Gulch, Turkey Day, The Line, Berry Thorny, Saguaro East, Tujunga Wash, Calico Gulch, April Showers, Stampede, Straggler, Ice Cream Sundae, The Order, Oak Pond, A Travel Through Life "Hoping",  A Sobering Surprise and 'Akipola'au at Hakalau
  • Digital Valley Art's Image of the Month. Oak Pond.
  • E-On Software's Picture of the Day.Raptor's Perch, Big Tujunga Wash, Tujunga Wash, Lost, April Showers, Annual Summer Picnic, Roadside Stop, Covey at Daybreak and Seashore House.
  • KOTA Press Gold Award. Allison Gulch, Oak Pond and A Travel through Life (complete Triptych)
  • Lion's Den Digital Excellence Award.Big Tujunga Wash.
  • PoserForum Online's Showase. Destruction of Leviathan, Graveyard Digs and Red-headed Woodpecker
  • RedBubble Showcase
    • RedBubble Editor picks: Antarctic Dawn
    • 3D Animals Abound: Antarctic Dawn, First Lesson, Hail to the King, Honeyeaster, Bustards in the Malle, Whooping it up, Sandhill Crane Stopover  
    • I Love Birds: Taken, Parakeet Auklets
    • Penguins Galore:  Antarctic Dawn. Hail to the King
    • The Birds: Gannet Romance
  • Renderosity's Staff Picks:Multiple images
  • Virtually Historical Showcase. Vanquished
  • VueForum Image of the Week. Multiple Images
  • Yuisa Image Award.Last Voyage, April Showers and Savannah
  • Zygote Media's Showcase Gallery.Rush Hour, Fly-by, Water Rights I & II and Turkey Day.

Other Honors...

  • John Hiatt's Website.Featured start images: Graveyard Digs, Turkey Day and the Chocolate Lovers.
  • Guest Judgeships. Digital Artworks (April 2001) and Ripple Effects Halloween Contest 2001 
    • Digital Paint's "Collective" Award for Outstanding Body of Work (July 2001)