Arctic Skua

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Common Name: Arctic Skua or Parasitic Jaeger
Scientific Name: Stercorarius parasiticus

Size: 16.5 - 20 inches (41-50 cm)

Habitat: North America, the Arctic and Northern Eurasia. Migrant; wintering at sea in the tropics and southern oceans.

Status: Least Concern. Global Population: 500,000 - 10,000,000 mature individuals

Diet: Lemmings and other rodents on the breeding grounds, but also robs gulls and terns of their catches. Like the larger skua species, it continues this piratical behavior throughout the year, showing great agility as it harasses its victims.

Nesting: It nests on dry tundra, higher fells and islands, laying up to four olive-brown eggs.

Cool Facts: It is usually silent except for mewing and wailing notes while on the breeding grounds. It is very aggressive and will fly at the head of a human or fox approaching its nest. Although skuas cannot inflict serious damage, it is a painful experience.

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