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image: RedandBlueLory.jpg

Common Name: Red and Blue Lory
Scientific Name: Eos histrio

Size: 12 ¼ inches (31cm)

Habitat: Asia; Indonesia. Talaud Islands (almost exclusively on Karakelang) off northern Sulawesi. Further populations (some apparently the result of introductions) disappeared during the 20th century from Sangihe, Siau and Tagulandang. Found in forested areas.

Status: Endangered. Global Population: 8,200 - 21,400 mature individuals This species has a very small range (being known from few locations), which is declining owing to habitat loss. It has undergone a rapid population decline, largely as a result of trapping for the pet trade. This threat is projected to increase in the future.

Diet: Fruit and insects, but also visits agricultural areas to feed on coconut nectar and various cultivated fruits

Breeding: Breeding period appears to be May-June (although nesting has been suspected in several other months). They nest in cavities of tall trees.

Cool Facts: A strikingly patterned, arboreal parrot with a call of short harsh chattering screeches. Flocks regularly make short seasonal movements, and in some cases roost on offshore islands.

Habitat loss in the past and “Pet Trade” pressures in the present are key threats. It was widely trapped as early as the 19th century. In 1999, research suggested that as many as 1,000-2,000 birds were leaving Karakelang each year, 80% (illegally) to the Philippines. This is compounded by extensive loss of forest, perhaps the main factor underlying its disappearance from Sangihe. The use of insecticides and the transmission of disease via escaped cage-birds to wild populations, have been identified as a further potential hazards.

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