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Common Name: American Crow

Scientific Name: Corvus brachyrhynchos

Size: 16-21 inches (40-53cm)

Habitat: North America; throughout the United States and Canada with the exception of desert areas. Found in areas of open ground and scattered trees.

Status: Least Concern. Global Population: 31,000,000 mature individuals. Populations are common and widespread with a slight increase since 1950. Populations may decrease due to the high susceptibility from West Nile Virus.

Diet: Seed, grain, carrion and trash. Forages on the ground.

Breeding: Large open cup of sticks lined and grass and mud. Three to six pale blue-green eggs with brown markings. While the sexes look the same, male crows are slightly larger than females.

Cool Facts: While crows are carrion eaters they are not specialists at being scavengers. Their bills are not strong enough to break through the skin of road kill mammals; they must wait for others to open up their meal or wait for the carrion to decompose.

American Crows communally roost. Roosting areas are established and often are used for decades. Some are reported to be hundreds of years old. Roosts can be of a few hundred, several thousand, or even up to several million crows. Crows often lead a double life. They may spend part of the day at home with its family in town and the rest of the day with a flock feeding in the country.

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