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Common Name: American Goldfinch

Scientific Name: Carduelis tristis

Size: 4-5 inches (11-13cm)

Habitat: North America; throughout the United States, Southern Canada and Northern Mexico. Found in forest edges and urban settings.

Status: Least Concern. Global Population: 24,000,000 mature individuals. Common within its habitat and populations are stable.

Diet: Thistle, seeds and insects.

Breeding: Two to seven blue-white eggs with faint brown spots on the large end. Nests are made with plant fibers and sewn together with spider silk. Nesting does not start until July.

Cool Facts: The American Goldfinch changes from winter plumage to breeding plumage with a complete molt of its’ body feathers. The goldfinch is very gregarious throughout the entire year staying in flocks.

It is believed that the late timing of the goldfinches nesting may be related to the availability of suitable nesting materials and seeds for feeding young.

While the American Goldfinch is mostly monogamous, a number of females switch mates after producing a first brood. The first male takes care of the fledglings while the female goes off to start another brood with a different male.

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