Australian Reed Warbler

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Common Name: Australian Reed-warbler
Scientific Name: Acrocephalus australis

Size: 6ΒΌ inches (16 cm)

Habitat: Australia; throughout Australia where there is suitable habitat and is also found from New Guinea to south-eastern Africa. Prefers dense vegetation alongside water, especially thick reed beds, as well as tall crops, bamboo thickets and lantana.

Status: Least Concern. Global population: unknown.

Diet: Insects

Nesting: The Australian Reed-Warbler builds a deep cup nest with a narrow top opening in among dense reeds. It is made from dry reeds and other water plants woven together and lined with fine dry grass and feathers. The female incubates the eggs.

Cool Facts: The Australian Reed-Warbler's nest, which is made from and attached to reeds, is designed to keep the eggs from rolling out even when the reeds are bent down by high winds.

Found in Songbird ReMix Australia Volume II

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