Azores Bullfinch

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image: AzoresBullFinch.jpg

Common Name: Azores Bullfinch

Scientific Name: Pyrrhula murina

Size: 6 ½-7 inches (17 cm)

Habitat: Europe; Portugal. Eastern São Miguel in the Azores. Found in native vegetation less than two meters high and also in forest margins.

Status: Endangered. Global Population: 1,300 mature individuals. Its historical decline and current extremely small range are probably explained by widespread loss of native forest and invasion by exotic vegetation, which have largely overrun the remaining patches of natural vegetation within the species’ breeding range. Food shortages are potentially a problem throughout the year, but most severe in late winter. Random environmental and demographic factors can affect such small populations and inbreeding may reduce reproductive output. Predation by feral cats and rats are potential threats.

Diet: Seed. This species appears entirely dependent on native trees for food.

Nesting: Birds breed from mid-June to late August, apparently in C. japonica trees.

Cool Facts: In 2007, this was Europe's rarest songbird, which had been in decline since the early 1990s, with fewer than 300 individuals left. Conservation efforts have brought this species back from the brink of extinction to a population of 1,300 birds in 2011.

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