Baltimore Oriole

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image: baltimoreoriole.jpg

Common Name: Baltmore Oriole

Scientific Name: Icterus galbula

Size: 7 inches (17-19cm)

Habitat: North America; east of the Rockies and the Northern tip of South America. (winter migration). Lives at the outskirts of woodland areas.

Status: Least Concern. Global Population: 6,000,000 Mature individuals. Populations showing slight decrease across range, but populations probably stable. This species should be monitored closely

Diet: Fruit, nectar, caterpillars, spiders and insects.

Breeding: Four to five eggs. Nests are gourd-shaped made with plant fibers, hair and synthetic fibers. The nest is hung from small branches or found in the fork of a tree.

Cool Facts: The American "orioles" were named after similarly-appearing birds in the Old World. The American orioles are not closely related to the true orioles in the family Oriolidae. They are more closely related to meadowlarks and blackbirds.

The Baltimore Oriole are known to hybridize Bullock's oriole where their ranges overlap in the Midwest.

Young male Baltimore Orioles plumage look much like the females colors. It isn’t until the second year when they get the more striking adult colors.

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