Band-tailed Pigeon

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Common Name: Band-tailed Pigeon
Scientific Name: Patagioenas fasciata

Size: 13-16 inches (33-40 cm)

Habitat: North and South America; in NA, along the Pacific Northwest. Found in forested areas and forest edges.

Status: Near Threatened. Global Population: 4,000,000 mature Individuals. Populations are declining in most areas due to habitat loss.

Diet: Seeds, fruit, acorns, pine nuts, and flowers.

Breeding: Nests look like a flat saucer of loosely intertwined twigs, placed on a sturdy tree limb, and usually contain only one egg. Young are helpless at birth and fledge in about three weeks.

Cool Facts: Though the species has two distinct breeding populations in the United States, individuals do move from one region to the other. One Band-tailed Pigeon banded in Oregon was found a year later in Florida, well outside the normal range.

Band-tailed Pigeons are much larger than feral pigeons and dwarf mourning doves. They travel in small flocks of 15 to 30 individuals and tend to be gregarious, sometimes mobbing bird feeders.

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