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image: BankSwallow.jpg

Common Name: Bank Swallow or Sand Martin
Scientific Name: Riparia riparia

Size: 5.25 inches (12.5 cm)

Habitat: Throughout the World. Summer Range: Breeds from western Alaska to Newfoundland, southward to central United States and southern Texas. Also across Eurasia. Winter Range: Winters in South America, with some in Mexico. Also in Africa and southern Asia.

Status: Least Concern. Global population: 50,000,000 Mature individuals

Diet: Flying insects.

Breeding: Flat platform of grass, straw, rootlets, plant stalks, or leaves, placed in long burrow in bank. Nests in colonies. 1-9 eggs.

Cool Facts: The smallest swallow in North America. A Bank Swallow colony may range from 10 nests to nearly 2,000.

The male Bank Swallow often pursues females other than its mate at the colony and attempts to mate with them. The male is most likely to chase a female in her fertile period.

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