Cozumel Thrasher

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image: Cozumelthrasher.jpg

Common Name: Cozumel Thrasher
Scientific Name: Pyrrhula murina

Size: 8½ -9½ inches (21.5-24 cm)

Habitat: Central America. Island of Cozumel. Found in the scrubby woodland areas on by forest edges.

Status: Critically endangered. Global Population: <50 Mature individuals. The numbers of this bird declined rapidly when Hurricane Gilbert hit this island on September 1988. Until it was sighted in June 2004, this bird had last been seen in 1995, the same year that Hurricane Roxanne hit Cozumel, and it was widely believed to have become extinct. It is believed to be the most critically endangered species of bird in Mexico. It is still unclear what damage the impact of Hurricanes Emily and Wilma in 2005 caused; apparently, the bird was not found during a survey in December 2006. The last, unconfirmed, sighting was in April 2006, where it was sighted at the Cozumel Golf Club.

Some scientists believe that other factors must have contributed to the bird's decline, because the Cozumel Thrasher likely survived hurricanes for millennia. Introduced species, especially predatory boa constrictors introduced to the island in 1971and now abundant may also have had a disastrous effect, as well as habitat destruction for the burgeoning tourist trade on the island.

Diet: Seed and some insects.

Nesting: Nesting habits for this bird are unknown.

Cool Facts: Gives a rich, varied warbling-type song, sometimes scratchy with some repetition.

Found in Songbird ReMix Yucatan

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