Crested Tit

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image: crestedtit.jpg

Common Name: Crested Tit

Scientific Name: Lophophanes cristatus

Size: 5 inches (12cm)

Habitat: Europe. Found in conifer and mixed conifer forests in Northern Europe.

Status: Vulnerable. Global Population: 8,600,000 - 32,300,000 mature individuals. Populations are declining throughout Europe due to urbanization.

Diet: Mostly insects, spiders, winter, also plant material especially conifer seeds, will cache food

Breeding: Five to six eggs are laid in a hole in rotting stumps. The nest cup is made from moss and lichen, lined with hair, wool and spiders' webs.

Cool Facts: This species was formerly placed in Parus, but Lophophanesis now recognised by the American Ornithologists' Union and the British authorities as a distinct genus.

After the breeding season, Crested Tits often form social groups, sometimes with other species such Blue and Great tits.

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