Curve-billed Thrasher

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image: curvebilledthrasher.jpg

Common Name: Curve-bill Thrasher

Scientific Name: Toxostoma curvirostre

Size: 11 inches (27cm)

Habitat: North America; throughout the American Southwest and Mexico. Found in desert areas especially where cholla cactus or mesquite is found.

Status: Least Concern. Global Population: 2,000,000 Mature individuals. Common within its area. Populations are decreasing due to habitat loss.

Diet: Mostly Insects, spiders and berries, in rare instances, some seed. Forages on the ground using it’s long curved bill to dig holes.

Breeding: 3-5 eggs are laid in a deep cup shaped nest of twigs which is usually found in cholla cactus or a thorny tree.

Cool Facts: The Curve-billed Thrasher that lives in the Sonoran Desert looks different than the form that lives in the Chihuahuan Desert . It is believed that they may be separate species. The Chihuahuan Desert bird has a lighter breast, more contrasting spots, pale wingbars, and white tail corners.

While thrasher is generally secretive birds, the Curve-billed Thrasher has a bold and curious streak. It will often sneak up to picnic areas and it known for it’s distinctive whistle-like call; an ascending "whit-weet."

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