Double Yellow-headed Amazon Parrot

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image: dblyellowamazon.jpg

Common Name: Double Yellow-headed Amazon Parrot
Scientific Name: Amazona oratrix

Size: 13 ¾ inches (35cm)

Habitat: North and Central America. Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and northern Honduras. Found in riparian forest and areas with scattered trees, as well as evergreen forest in Belize and mangroves in Guatemala.

Status: Endangered. Global Population: 7,000. Their numbers in the wild have been reduced by 90% from 70,000 to 7,000 (mid 1970s to 1994) and to 4,000 by 2004 because of capture for the blackmarket pet trade and habitat destruction. Poachers usually hack at the nest site with a machete to steal parrots, which is especially destructive because habitat is lost at the same time that the wild parrot population is reduced. An estimated 90% of poached Amazons die before they are sold.

Diet: Fruits, seeds, nuts, berries, blossoms, and leaf buds.

Breeding: Yellow-headed Parrots nest in holes in tree trunks or fallen branches. They form communal roosts and nest in an unlined hollow in either a living or dead tree. They lay 2 - 4 oval, glossy eggs. Incubation lasts for approximately 29 days and fledging occurs approximately 2 months later.

Cool Facts: Amazons are widely available and their personalities make them highly desirable pets. Their vocal abilities are generally considered to be bested only by the African Grey.

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