Eurasian Bullfinch

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image: Eurasianbullfinch.jpg

Common Name: Eurasian Bullfinch

Scientific Name: Pyrrhula pyrrhula

Size: 6 inches (14cm)

Habitat: Eurasia; found in Europe and warmer parts of Asia. Prefers mixed woodlands, parks and gardens.

Status: Least Concern. Global Population: 45,000,000 - 150,000,000 mature adults. Stable, common within its area.

Diet: Seeds and buds of fruit trees.

Breeding: They built nests of fine twigs with moss and lichen in the bushes or trees fairly low to the ground. They lay 4 to 7 eggs.

Cool Facts: The Azores Bullfinch was regarded as a race of Eurasian Bullfinch, but now is considered to be a separate species.

Bullfinches are consider crop pests ravaging orchards, especially in Southwestern England, where orchards capable of yielding several tons of fruit have been stripped so efficiently that only a few pounds could be harvested.

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