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Common Name: Eurasian Jay
Scientific Name: Garrulus glandarius

Size: 13.5 inches (34cm)

Habitat: Eurasia; A vast region from Western Europe and Northwest Africa to the eastern seaboard of Asia and down into Southeast Asia. Found in forests, woodland, towns.

Status: Least Concern. Global Population: 40,000,000 - 150,000,000 mature individuals

Diet: Invertebrates, beetles, caterpillars, fruit and seeds. Feeds in both trees and on the ground

Breeding: Four to six eggs are laid in a nest in a tree or large shrub. Both sexes typically feed the young.

Cool Facts: The Eurasian Jay occurs a huge area and have evolved into several very distinct and racial forms.

It inhabits mixed woodland, particularly with oaks, and is an habitual acorn hoarder. In recent years with habitat loss, the jay has readily adapted to urban areas.

The Jay is well known for its mimicry, often sounding so like a different species that it is virtually impossible to distinguish its true identity. It has even been known to imitate the sound of the bird it is attacking, such as a Tawny Owl, which it does mercilessly it finds one during the day. The tables are turned at night though with the Jays being on the menu for the owls.

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