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Common Name: European Robin
Scientific Name: Erithacus rubecula

Size: 5½ -6 inches (14cm)

Habitat: Europe & West Asia; wintering in Africa. Found in forests, woodlands and urban settings.

Status: Least Concern. Global Population: 150,000,000 - 350,000,000. Populations have been stable in Europe since 1980. In Europe, the breeding population is estimated to number 43,000,000-83,000,000 breeding pairs.

Diet: Insects, worms, beetles, larvae and some fruit and seed in winter. Forages on the ground.

Breeding: Four to five eggs in laid in a neat cup nest in crevices, holes or artificial sites such as a discarded pot.

Cool Facts: The European Robin is tough bird; fighting with its own kind and attacking other birds, with or without prevarication, and merrily singing his threats and challenges during the altercation.

In “Birds of Briton”, an attack was described as follows. “Initial attacks between rival robins usually involve striking the opponent single blows with feet and wings, or bowling it off a perch. But as fighting develops, both adversaries begin rolling over and over on the ground, before fluttering face to face while striking with legs then tumbling to the ground interlocked. Each robin then attempts to pin its rival to the ground. The victor rains blows down on the vanquished bird's head particularly around the eyes even blinding or killing it. The majority of fights last less than a minute before the loser (almost always the intruder) flees. But some encounters continue off and on for an hour or more and exceptionally over several days.”

“In the event of a prolonged contest the fighting alternates with rapid pursuits, outbursts of song, threat displays and even bouts of foraging. The final loser wisely terminates a particularly aggressive encounter with a rapid retreat.”

Found in Songbird ReMix European Edition 1

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