Florida Grasshopper Sparrow

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image: FLgrasshoopersparrow.jpg

Common Name: Florida Grasshopper Sparrow

Scientific Name: Ammodramus savannarum floridanus

Size: 5 inches (13cm)

Habitat: North America; this subspecies is found in Florida. Prefers wetlands and grassy areas.

Status: Endangered. Global Population: unknown. The population counts tell the story: 1997 Population: 298, 2002 Population: 162 and the 2003 Population: 17. The majority of remaining sparrows live on a 5,000 acre (not used) parcel on the Avon Park United States Air Force bombing range. . It was once widespread in Florida however the conversion of its native habitat to pasture lands has had devastating effects. Its nests are often inadvertently mowed down when machinery clears fields. The sparrow, left with no cover, is vulnerable to predators.

Diet: Spiders, grasshoppers, crickets, weevils, moth larvae and sedge seeds.

Breeding: The sparrow builds its nest on the ground with a canopy of grass and leaves. It lays four to five eggs in the spring.

Cool Facts: The Florida Grasshopper Sparrow is a subspecies of the Grasshopper Sparrow and can be identified by it’s darker, almost black, streaks of its head and darker tail feathers.

Found in Songbird ReMix Threatened Endangered Extinct 1

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