Golden-winged Warbler

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Common Name: Golden-winged Warbler

Scientific Name: Vermivora chrysoptera

Size: 4.75 inches (12cm)

Habitat: North and South America; Northeastern United States to the Yucatan Peninsula and South America. Breeds in open deciduous woodland, secondary growth, brushy pastures and bogs, apparently favoring a particular stage in woodland succession. When the habitat passes this stage, birds move on. All kinds of woodland and scrub are used during migration, and birds generally winter in secondary growth forest or forest edge with a good understory.

Status: Near Threatened. Global Population: 210,000 Mature individuals. Due to the expansion of the Blue-winged Warbler territory, which competes for the same resources as the Golden-winged Warbler, its numbers have declined. Breeding between the species has created a hybridized warbler known as the Brewster’s or Lawrence’s Warbler.

The habitat of the Golden-winged warbler is also threatened by development and deforestation. There is current pressure from certain sectors and Federal level to open its remaining habitat to surface mines and clear-cut programs. This will ensure that this bird becomes extinct in the next few decades .

Diet: Insects and spiders it finds among the foliage and dead leaves.

Breeding: The well-hidden nest is usually on or close to the ground, and breeding takes place in May and June. It nests in clumps of grass or at the base of trees, making a rough-looking cup of bark and grasses.

Cool Facts: The Golden-winged Warbler is found throughout the Northeastern United States in the summers and winters in the Yucatan Peninsula to the northern portions of South America.

Found in Songbird ReMix Threatened Endangered Extinct 1

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