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Common Name: Great Tit

Scientific Name: Parus major

Size: 6 inches (14cm)

Habitat: Europe, Asia, and Northwest Africa. Found in forest, woodland areas, towns and mangrove groves.

Status: Least concern. Global Population: 300,000,000 - 110,000,000 Mature individuals. Populations are stable although populations in Europe have been in moderate decline since 1980.

Diet: Invertebrates, butterflies, beetles and spiders and in the winter, seeds and fruit.

Breeding: Seven to nine eggs are laid in a tree cavity or nest box.

Cool Facts: The black stripe on the belly of a male Great Tit is an indicator of its status; larger stripes are more attractive to females.

In England, Great Tits learned to break open the foil caps sealing bottles of milk that had been delivered to homes to get at the cream floating on top.

There are three subspecies of the Great Tit. Birds in temperate Europe and Asia are essentially green above and yellow below. Great Tits in Far East are green above and white or yellow-tinged white below and birds in India and southeast Asia are grey above and whitish below.

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