Green-tailed Towhee

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image: greentailedtowhee.jpg

Common Name: Green-tailed Towhee

Scientific Name: Pipilo chlorurus

Size: 6.25-7.25 inches (16-18 cm)

Habitat: United States and Mexico; west of the Rockies except the Pacific coast. Prefers dry brush mountain slopes, low chaparral, open pines, sage, manzanita, riverine woods.

Status: Not threatened.

Diet: Insects and seed. Forages on the ground, scratching in a two-footed, backwards-scratching hop called a "double-scratch".

Breeding: Two to six eggs are laid in a nest on ground or in low vegetation. Nest made of strips of bark, dead leaves, dry grass and plant stems and lined with softer materials.

Cool Facts: The Green-tailed Towhee is the smallest towhee.

This shy bird hops and scratches for food under low cover, flicking its tail and raising its rufous cap into a crest.

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