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Common Name: House Finch

Scientific Name: Carpodacus mexicanus

Size: 5-6 inches (13-14cm)

Habitat: North America; found throughout the United States and Mexico with the exception of the Midwest. Found in forest edges and urban settings.

Status: Least Concern. Global Population: 21,000,000 mature individuals. Common and benefiting from human development. Eastern populations have been cut in half due to finch eye disease.

Diet: Seed and, to a lesser extent, fruit. Finches forge on the ground and use feeders extensively.

Breeding: One to six eggs are laid in an open cup nest of grasses and small twigs.

Cool Facts: The house finch is not endemic to the eastern United States. In 1940, a small number of finches were turned loose on Long Island, New York, and within the next 50 years spread across the entire East Coast.

The red or yellow coloring of a male House Finch comes from its food it eats during the molting period. The more pigment contained in the food, the redder the male will become. Coloration plays an important part of the mating cycle. Females look for the reddest males they can find, assuring their nestlings of a good food provider.

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