Indian Ringneck Parakeet

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Common Name: Indian Ring-neck Parakeet<br< Scientific Name: Psittacula krameri manillensis

Size: 16 ½ inches (42 cm)

Habitat: Asia; Southern India, Ceylon and island of Rameswaram and introduced populations worldwide. Found in open country with trees, bush savannah, dry forests, often in cultivated areas, urban areas, parks and gardens.

Status: Least Concern. Global Population: Unknown.

Diet: Seeds, fruits, berries, flowers and nectar (especially from Salmalia and Erythrina flowers); after breeding season gather in huge flocks and forage in grain, millet, rice and maize fields as well as fruit and coffee plantations, often causing considerable damage.

Breeding: December to May in India, November to June on Ceylon laying 3-6 eggs in abandoned woodpecker holes or palm trees. Ring-necks have a love/hate relationship with their partners and may become very aggressive and perhaps kill their partner before or after courtship. Both care for the nest and young.

Cool Facts: These birds were first bred by the people of India at least 3,000 years ago, and the creation of color mutations was practiced even then. The royals prized them as companion pets and for their speech abilities. It was a popular status symbol in Indian culture to have a parakeet. Ring-necks were the first parrots brought to the Grecian world. Even Socrates owned one and wrote of its beauty and speech abilities. Romans also bred them for pets in their aviaries. In the 1920's Ring-necks popularity increased worldwide and is now one of the most popular birds in the pet trade.

From about 20 known primary mutations, breeders have created 200-300 secondary mutations of the Ring-neck parakeet. Primary colors include: Lutino, Blue, Albino, Grey-green, Grey, Cinnamon, Turquoise, Dilute, some Fallow types, Clear-tail, Violet, Dark-green, Cobalt, Pied and many more. The Indian Ring-neck is considered one of the champions of color and feather mutations in the companion bird world.

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