King of Saxony Bird of Paradise

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image: saxonyBOP.jpg

Common Name: King of Saxony Bird of Paradise
Scientific Name: Pteridophora alberti

Size: 8 ½ inches (22cm)

Habitat: New Guinea. Lives high in the tree canopy of the cloud forests.

Status: Least Concern. Global Population: Unknown.

Diet: Diet consists mainly of fruits, berries and arthropods.

Breeding: Females are grey-brown with barred chests and no plumes.

Cool Facts: The bird gets it’s name from King Albert of Saxony.

The two incredibly long, scalloped brow plumes can be erected at the bird’s will and are part of it’s mating display as well as a bobbing up and down dance. So bizarre were its head plumes that when the first specimens were brought to Europe, it was believed to be a fake.

While the males of King of Saxony Birds of Paradise are hunted for their usual head plumes which are used by natives for ceremonial purposes, it is a common species throughout its large habitat range.

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