Lewis's Woodpecker

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image: lewis'swoodpecker.jpg

Common Name: Lewis’s Woodpecker

Scientific Name: Melanerpes lewis

Size: 10-11 inches (26-28 cm)

Habitat: West of the Great Plains of the United States. Open woodlands.

Status: Least concern. Global Population: 130,000 mature individuals.Populations are declining due to habitat loss. Audubon “Threatened” List

Diet: Insects

Breeding: Nesting takes place in tree cavities. Males and females look alike.

Cool Facts: The Lewis’s Woodpecker rarely excavates the wood for boring insects as with almost every other woodpecker does. Instead in gleans insects from the tree’s surface or, more commonly, flycatches it’s meals.

Found in Songbird ReMix Woodpeckers

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