Long-tailed Parakeet

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Common Name: Long-tailed Parakeet
Scientific Name: Psittacula longicauda

Size: 16 ½ inches (42cm)

Habitat: Asia. Malaysia South of Kedah, Singapore, Borneo, Sumatra, Indonesian island of Nias as well as Bangka and Anambas Islands. Found in coastal and lowland forested areas.

Status: Near threatened. Global Population: unknown. Rates of forest loss in the Sundaic lowlands have been extremely rapid because of a variety of factors, including the escalation of logging and land conversion, with deliberate targeting of all remaining stands of valuable timber including those inside protected areas, plus forest fires.

Diet: Fruits (Pandanus, Carica papaya, Dryobalan-ops sp.), seeds, flowers (Acacia) and leaf buds; causes considerable damage to oil palm plantations in some areas.

Breeding: Breeding season is from February to July; mostly nesting in hollow branches or holes in dead trees and very occasionally in living trees, in one case 10m from ground. During courtship display cocks bow before the hen, making regurgitating and circular movements with head and touching bill of hen, He then feeds the hen before mating. The nest is lined with pieces of bark and chewed wood and holds clutches of 2 to 3 eggs.

Cool Facts: Usually in groups of up to 20 birds and in some localities gatherings of 800 or more birds. They are apparently nomadic, probably also seasonal migrations. Restless and constantly on move, they climb quickly around in branches briefly before flying to next tree. Often seen because of continuous screeching, they feed soon after sunrise and are found during the day in tall trees. In late afternoon, Racquet-Tails resume foraging before returning to their roosting trees. Their flight is swift and direct; often flying in groups just above treetops.

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