Long-tailed Tit

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image: longtailedtit.jpg

Common Name: Long-tailed Tit

Scientific Name: Aegithalos caudatus

Size: 6 inches (14cm)

Habitat: Eurasia. Found in woodland and woodland edges.

Status: Least Concern. Global Population: 30,000,000 - 150,000,000 mature individuals. Populations are suspected to be fluctuating owing to the effects of severe winters and recorded range expansions and regional declines in recent decades.

Diet: Mostly arthropods, insect eggs, larvae of butterflies/moths

Breeding: Six to twelve eggs are laid in a woven closed nest. The nest is held together with spider webs, and camouflaged with lichen. Adult birds will find a relatives nest and help feeding their "nephews and neices", if their own nest is destroyed. They nest in a tree or shrub

Cool Facts: The Northern species of this bird is blue with no head markings while the Central and southern species are brown with a pronounced “eyebrow”.

Their call is loud trisyllabic “srih-srih-srih”. They are very gregarious and travel in small flocks of about 20 in winter months.

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