Mexican Woodnymph

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Common Name: Mexican Woodnymph
Scientific Name: Thalurania ridgwayi

Size: 3.75 inches (10 cm)

Habitat: North America; Mexico. It is patchily distributed in south Nayarit, Jalisco and Colima states, west Mexico, where it is uncommon to locally common.

It occurs in humid, semi-deciduous woodland and shade coffee plantations at elevations of 250-1,200 m. Its ecology is poorly known, but it is often found along streams and generally avoids edge habitat.

Status: Vulnerable. Global Population: 10,000-19,999 mature individuals and decreasing. The reasons for its patchy distribution and its precise ecological requirements are poorly understood. The avoidance of edge habitats indicates that it is probably threatened by habitat destruction, particularly for the cultivation of sun coffee.

Diet: Flower nectar, also some insects.

Breeding: Medium-sized, mainly green hummingbird with black wings. Male has iridescent blue forehead and bluish-green hindcrown, iridescent emerald throat and slightly forked, bluish-black tail. Female green above with small, white postocular spot, greyish below with green discs on flanks. Bluish-black tail with white tips to outer rectrices and green central rectrices. Straight black bill.

Cool Facts: It has been considered conspecific with the Violet-crowned Woodnymph of Central and northern South America.

Included in Songbird ReMix Hummingbirds of North America

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