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Common Name: Mockingjay
Scientific Name: Mimus cyanocitta collinsae

Size: 10-12 inches (25-30 cm)

Habitat: Mockingjays mainly found in District 11 in the orchards, but can be found in other districts as well, like the outside borders of District 12.

Mockingjays are said to be really tough birds that can live in just about any environment.

Status: Endangered. Global Population: unknown amount of mature individuals. The Capitol always considered the mockingjay to be a sign of rebellion because they not only failed to kill off their own creation, the jabberjays, but the creation turned into something that was even better than before. Rebelling people will bake the bird symbol into breads, crackers, and other things that could easily be eaten or hidden quickly. The mockingjay becomes sign a of resistance, a sign of uprising, and a sign hope

Diet: Insects.

Breeding: Unknown breeding habits.

Cool Facts: The Mockingjay is a fictional bird created by Suzanne Collins for her “Hunger Games” novels. It is a cross between a Jabberjay (Which is a cross itself, between a Blue Jay and something else) and a Mockingbird.

A mockingjay is a not-so-happy accident that was indirectly created by the Capitol. After the rebellion the Capitol left the jabberjays, a bird they created to be spies for them and relay whole conversations, in the wild to die off. Instead, the jabberjay birds started to mate with regular mockingbirds and a species called the mockingjay was created as a result. The creation of this bird was kind of a slap in the face for the Capitol, showing some of their stupidity.

Mockingjays have the talent of being able to relay any song or tune they hear to any species. Katniss's father used to love to sing songs in the woods while hunting and loved to hear the mockingjays repeat his toon back to him. Another character named Rue did the same thing in District 11 while working in the orchards.

The mockingjay became a symbol of rebellion and hope among the districts. Before the Games, a friend of Katniss's from school, Madge Undersee, gave her a gold mockingjay pin as a token from home. After the Games, the symbolism of the mockingjay became stronger because of the actions taken by the winning tribute, or tributes.

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