Mountain Quail

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Common Name: Mountain Quail
Scientific Name: Oreortyx pictus

Size: 10 to 12 inches (25-30 cm)

Habitat: North America; California and Oregon. Found in heavy vegetation in the mountains.

Status: Least Concern. Global Population: 160,000 mature individuals. Common and widespread.

Diet: Seeds, fruits, flowers, and a few insects.

Breeding: The female lays 8-10 white eggs with brown splotches in dense brush, often by the base of a tree or large rock. The young quickly learn to follow their mother to food and water sources within hours after hatching.

Cool Facts: The Mountain Quail is the largest quail in the United States. Adults and immature young congregate into coveys of up to 20 birds in mid-summer through the winter. In the springtime, quail pair off for mating and become very aggressive toward others. Quail are monogamous, and rarely breed in colonies.The young chicks diet is mostly insect, gradually consuming more plant matter as they mature. Quail are infrequent fliers and prefer to stay on the ground. Any flight is usually short and explosive, with many rapid wingbeats followed by a slow glide to the ground.

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